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Sports shoes

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The brand manufacturers provide after-sales service, such as home installation, maintenance, after-sales service hotline: 400-8888-9999, please make an appointment for after-sales service by calling the manufacturer's after-sales service phone. Please do not trust any person who calls himself a manufacturer or a Jingdong to make an appointment call to your home installation or after sale service, so as to guard against fraud. In this case, you can call customer service telephone: 400-606-5500 and report according to voice prompt.
Installation notes: if customers use the rack provided by non LG after-sales service, they can be installed after the agreement is signed between the customer and LG.

  quality assurance service: the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main parts (screen) is guaranteed for three years.

  LG official service phone: 400-819-9999

  LG official installation service charge standard

  LG other TV sets

  LG official after-sales service website: //

  other brand after-sales service: //

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